Employee Group Memberships

Employee Group Membership Details

In 2018, ASCM introduced a new discounted membership product for small to medium businesses call SMB Membership. While the name has been changed to Employee Group Membership, the guidelines remain the same.

This membership product is available for APICS Chapter Channel Partners to sell, however, it is not advertised on the ASCM website.

The Employee Group Membership program provides PLUS level memberships for groups of 5 or more individuals from the same company for $185 per person.

Employee Group Membership key details include:

  • Target Market: small to medium businesses

  • Minimum order quantity: 5+ memberships per order

  • All individuals must be employed at the same company

  • Memberships are not transferable between employees

  • No prorated memberships

  • The APICS chapter channel partner submits a list of individuals at the time of purchase, including necessary contact information – see EmployeeGroupTemplate2020 tab Membership Information – APICS located in the Membership section of C-Box

  • The APICS chapter channel partner must submit a company contact for purposes of renewal notices– see EmployeeGroupTemplate2020 tab Billing Contact located in the Membership section of C-Box

  • ASCM will send renewal notices directly to the company billing contact with the chapter contact copied

  • Renewal invoices will be cancelled if not renewed within 90 days of membership expiration date. Should a company wish to obtain this discounted rate again, they will need to return to the chapter to place the request.

For questions and to apply contact [email protected]